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HIV Management Specialist

Family Medical Practice of the Treasure Coast, PA

James A. Roberts, MD

Family Medicine located in Treasure Coast, Fort Pierce, FL

When you have tested positive for human immunodeficiency virus (HIV), it is essential you have a compassionate and knowledgeable provider to manage your ongoing care. James A. Roberts, MD, of Family Medical Practice of the Treasure Coast, PA, serves the Treasure Coast community from his office in Fort Pierce, Florida. He has over 40 years of experience treating chronic disease, like HIV. For a consultation and expert HIV management, call or schedule an appointment online today.

HIV Management Q & A

What is human immunodeficiency virus?

Human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) is a chronic condition that damages the immune system of the body and prevents it from fighting infection. In its advanced stages, HIV causes acquired immunodeficiency syndrome (AIDS).

HIV is a sexually transmitted infection and transmits through any form of sexual contact. It can also spread through exposure to blood and bodily fluids of people with HIV. HIV can be transmitted from mother to baby through pregnancy, childbirth, or breastfeeding.

There is no cure for HIV or AIDS, but with proper HIV management, you may live many years without significant symptoms or progression to AIDS.

Who is at risk of getting HIV?

Those at highest risk for getting HIV include anyone who has sexual contact with someone with HIV. Sexual contact includes oral, anal, or vaginal sex.

Those at high risk for getting HIV include:

  • IV drug users
  • Gay or bisexual men
  • Transgender women
  • Babies of HIV-infected mothers
  • Men and women with multiple partners
  • Men and women with a sexually transmitted disease (STD)

Behaviors that place you at higher risk for getting HIV include:

  • Having sex with anyone you know has HIV
  • Having any form of unprotected sex
  • Having sex for money
  • Having anal sex
  • Sharing needles
  • Alcohol or IV drug use

If you are at high risk for having HIV or if you know you have been exposed to HIV, it is vital that you get tested. Testing not only ensures your best outcome but can keep you from further transmission of the disease.

What are the means for diagnosing HIV?

Diagnosis of HIV occurs using a simple blood test. Blood tests don’t show HIV immediately after exposure but could take between 12 weeks and six months to show a positive result.

Some HIV tests can show positive results between 2-8 weeks after exposure, but a negative test doesn’t mean you don’t have the infection.

What is HIV management?

HIV management involves the administration of a specific combination of medications called antiretroviral therapy (ART). ART requires you to take medications multiple times a day with frequent monitoring for effectiveness.

In HIV management, Dr. Roberts closely monitors:

  • Responses to medications
  • Side effects of medications
  • Progression or changes to your symptoms
  • The appearance of new symptoms
  • Symptoms of AIDS or other complications

It is vital for effective HIV management that you work closely with Dr. Roberts to establish your personalized treatment plan. He is committed to supporting you throughout your HIV journey.

For compassionate, expert HIV management, call or schedule an appointment with Family Medical Practice of the Treasure Coast, PA today.