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Annual Physicals Specialist

Family Medical Practice of the Treasure Coast, PA

James A. Roberts, MD

Family Medicine located in Treasure Coast, Fort Pierce, FL

An expert annual physical is essential for a lifetime of health and wellness. And that’s what you’ll get with James A. Roberts, MD, of Family Medical Practice of the Treasure Coast, PA, located in Fort Pierce, Florida. Serving the Treasure Coast area, Dr. Roberts offers annual physicals for children over 10 years old, women, and men. To schedule your annual exam, call or book an appointment online today.

Annual Physicals Q & A

What is an annual physical?

An annual physical is a yearly assessment of your health status. The purpose of your yearly visit is to establish a clear picture of your health and wellness, as well as:

  • Update your health record
  • Monitor your chronic health problems
  • Assess you for signs of acute illness
  • Identify your increased health risks
  • Update immunizations
  • Assess your current medication list
  • Build trust with your provider
  • Update your plan of care

An annual physical exam is a fundamental part of maintaining the health of every member of your family, including children.

What happens during an annual exam?

During your annual exam, Dr. Roberts or his team:

  • Assesses every body system
  • Records your weight and height
  • Takes vital signs, including blood pressure, oxygen level, and heart rate
  • Collects blood for routine laboratory testing
  • Collects urine for urinalysis
  • Asks questions about current health status
  • Answers any questions or concerns you may have
  • Makes changes to medications and treatment plans

Depending on your health risks, symptoms, or chronic health conditions, Dr. Roberts may order follow-up testing, including cancer screenings, specialized bloodwork, or an EKG.

How does my provider assess each body system?

During a physical exam, Dr. Roberts gets a complete picture of your physical health by assessing each primary body system.

Assessment includes:

  • Listening to heart, lung, and digestive sounds
  • Feeling abdomen and skin
  • Checking for skin problems or wounds
  • Looking inside your nose, mouth, and ears
  • Monitoring blood flow and checking for signs of poor circulation
  • Evaluating coordination and muscle movement
  • Testing reflexes
  • Testing vision and hearing
  • Evaluating mental health

Annual physicals are tailored for your age, gender, and health history. In addition to a regular assessment, men also receive a prostate check and prostate-related blood work. Annual physicals for children include vaccines, developmental assessments, and age-specific assessments.

In addition to these regular assessments, women receive a more thorough well-woman exam, which includes a breast and pelvic exam. After your annual physical, Dr. Roberts shares any concerns, changes in your plan of care, or recommendations for improving your health.

To schedule your annual physical, call or book an appointment online with Family Medical Practice of the Treasure Coast, PA today.